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Rise Rose Revolt - RRR | South Indian Movie

The most popular filmmaker SS Rajamouli has come forward with the goal of breaking their own record. Yes, I'm talking about South Indian Movie RRR. Rajamouli is the director of blockbuster movie Bahubali.


The RRR film depicts the time when the East India Company colonized India. Governor of East India Company Scot brings a girl from Gond Tribe to Scotland from India. A messenger from India informs the government that someone has born in Gond community to fight against East India Company. Two childhood friend who would even not care to scarify his life for his friend now appears as rebel. One serves as commander of East India Company and another as protector of Gond Community. Overall, the film is about the victory of truth over untruth.

Movie casts N.T Rama Rao Jr. as leading actor and Ram Charan as antagonist character.

The movie is being released from 7th of January 2022 in Hindi & Tamil. The movie is produced by DVV Danaya. 


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