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Aanchal Sharma Signed a Contract For Hitman


                  Pic: Aanchal Sharma with Bishnu Adhikari in South Indian Movie Hitman

 Popular Nepalese actress Aanchal Sharma has signed a agreement for a South Indian Movie Hitman. Leading actor of the Movie Bishnu Adhikari announced Aachal Sharma's presence in the movie via a facebook post. "The movie Spy based, I loved the story thus signed for the movie", she told. Shooting of the movie is been held in Kathmandu, Dhulikhel, Nagarkot of Nepal. "Hitman is Thriller, Crime & Mysterious class movie", said the Director Deepak Adhikari. According to the producer of Hitman, the film is expected to be released on May of 2022. 


Pic: Bishnu Adhikari - leading actor in South Indian Movie Hitman 2022

Aanchal Sharma is appearing as a spy agent in the Talegu Film Hitman.