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Why Corona Virus Reappear Even After Recovery?

Do Corona Virus Reappear After Recovery!

No, corona virus don't reappear itself after recovery. But many of the covid-19 patients have experienced to be infected again from corona virus after returning home from isolation treatment center. Doctors and Medical personnel were shocked due to these incidents. Was the PCR report non-trusty or the virus had not been completely noninfectious? Know the fact of re-occurrence of Covid-19 even after recovery.

Actually how Covid-19 reappeared!

According to WHO guidelines of Corona Virus presence, Corona Virus could stay alive outside the host even for 3- 11 days. Some theories even proposed that this virus (which is itself non living thing) might  not be dead but just inactive in absence of host even for years. Prior or after the infection, victims clothes, home appliances, furniture, etc get contaminated with virus. Infected person is taken to treatment center, however contaminated items at home are ignored/forgotten to be sterilized. After weeks of isolation and treatment the person returns back to the previous resident and no doubt he/she uses those items which were previously contaminated. The virus get into human body through several means thus again he/she is infected. This is the fact we discovered from questionnaire with re-occurred patients. Next reason could be: PCR test is supposed to be 98% error free but loopholes of 2% still exists. 

One and only way to prevent re-occur of Covid-19 is don't get infected. Stay Home, Stay Safe. Maintain Social Distance, Stay Sanitized.