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Indra Jatra's Legendary Legend | Myth of Indra Jatra

Legendary Legend of Indra Jatra 

Indra Jatra is the festival celebrated specially by Newar community of capital valley worshiping God of Heaven 'Indra'. The festival falls on a day before full moon at the end of August. Indra Jatra begins with erection of wooden trunk of 54 feet high in Kathmandu Valley at Basantapur Durbar Square and small trunk at crossroads. Erection of Pillar (Lingo) is done with occculist (Tantrik) method. In the holy day Lakhe Dance, Bhairab Dance is performed. Pilgrims take bath at Indra Daha (Pond) situated at Thankot and stay awake full night worshiping god of Rain and Contemporaneous. 

Myth behind the Origin of Indra Jatra

Begins a day before full moon to four days after full moon at the end of August, Indra Jatra is believed to be celebrated since 1500 years ago. King of Lichchhivi regime Gud Kamdev is believed to be entrepreneur of the Fest. Later King Jay Prakash Malla from Malla regime modified the way of erecting pillar and begun to celebrate Kumari Jatra in conjunction with Indra Jatra.
Once upon a time Hindu God Indra came to earth to collect Nyctanthes (Parijat Flower) for his mother Bashundhara. He starts collecting valuable flower Parijat near Bhinsensthan, Kathmandu. The garden owner captures Indra and present to the King of Valley and as punishment god Indra is fasten in a tall pillar with a rope. As Indra don't arrive in time, Mother Bashundhara is worried about her son thus arrive to Earth. She sees her son tied with rope. Mother release the son and returns along with son back to heaven convincing the king that all death peoples from valley would be directed to the heaven. 
Ever year the festival is celebrated in order to remind god Indra about his promise.
Lakhe Dance | Bhairab Dance

Conclusion: Indra Jatra is special festival of Nepal community where all the peoples from different age group, different economic level, different cast share common ground and dance together. Indra Jatra strength the unity of people. Indra Jatra plays important role to unite Hindu & Buddhist pilgrims.