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Glacier Lakes in Nepal, China & India at verge of Burst

 Glacier Lakes Explosion: Where & Why?

Snow covered mountains and Glacier Lakes are endangered due to Global warming. Study shows every higher peaks mountain's suffer reduction of 1 m of snow each year. Glacier lakes in Himalaya range are in extreme danger of outburst. A joint survey and study from ICIMOD (International Integrated Mountain Development Center) and UNDP in Himalayan Glacier concluded with a report that 47 out of 3624 glacier lake are at red line. 

According to report on "Inventory of Glacial Lakes and Identification of Dangerous Glacial Lakes in the Koshi, Gandaki and Karnali River Basins of Nepal, The Tibet Autonomous Region of China and India", 21 Glacier from Nepal, 25 from China & 1 from India are at high risk of outburst. These lakes is situated in Karnali, Koshi & Gandaki reservoir. Studying on several indicators, dams characteristics, area, source and soil condition the joint survey listed 47 reservoir in risk zone. Outburst of glacier leads to flash flood as result thousands of residents would be destroyed and prone to loss of human lives.