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After We Collide (2020): Full Movie Review

 After We Collide: Hollywood Movie 2020

Movie begins with surprise revealing that Hardin dated Tessa as a bet. Tessa fall with shock hearing the news. Tessa leave for Seattle to attend a book convention as an intern with publisher Vance. During after party with her friends, she gets drunk and calls Hardin's name. Hardin shows up later and with some fight they continue to have sex in the morning. However, again after a quarrel Hardin leaves. Tessa decides to go to an apartment they were sharing. Another revelation of Hardin's sex film with another girl for bet creates chaos between them. Finally they break up due to further revelations regarding Hardin's past and present affairs. I strongly recommend you to watch the movie to quench the thrust of curiosity.

  • Josephine Langford as Tessa Young
  • Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin Scott

Story based on Novel 'After We Collide' this is sequel of After series. Writer Anna Todd has fused Romance, Drama & Fiction representing Hardin & Tessa as present generation. She reflects current scenario of Teenagers affairs, tug of war in love, emotions. The movie end in cliffhanger urging viewer to watch next sequel After We Fall.

Film Name:
After We Collide
Drama, Romance
1 hour 45
Released on:
Oct 2 2020
Distribution By:
Voltage Picture
Directed By:
Roger Kumble

Screenplay by Anna Todd (also writer) worth to be praised. Cinematography of Larry has added Fragrance in gold. Most of the scene were filmed in Georgia, Atlanta. The movie is produced by joint production of 7 producer including Anna Todd, Author of the Novel "After We Collide".