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Wirefree Plus Ncell: Review, Router & Rate | Ncell Wifi

 Wirefree Plus Ncell: Features & Specifications


Nepal's leading telecommunication company Axiata Ncell has come with a device that broadcast wifi at home converting cellular data to wifi radio signal. According to Ncell they have come with this plan to provide smooth wireless internet connection. Before review of the Wirefree+ lets make overview to the plan:

Gold Platinum Diamond
Price (Exc Tax) 690 860 950
Wirefree Data 60 GB 85 GB 100 GB
Voice (Minute) (Ncell to Ncell) 200 500 1000
Mobile Data (GB)-2 SIM bundle with data provision 5 GB X 2 SIMs 10 GB X 2 SIMs 10 GB X 2 SIMs
Prabhu TV Included Included Included
Mobiplex Optional Included Included
Hungama Music Optional Optional Included
Daami Music Included Included Included


Cost of the Subscription (Exc Tax)
30 Days
Nrs. 3500
90 Days
Nrs 2500
210 Days
Nrs 500
420 Days

 Wirefree Plus Ncell: Review

 We can't deny its first Wirefree Wifi Broadcast device in Nepal. Wirefree Dongle are widely used in Gulf Country and remote area of India where wire collection is not available & difficulties in connection due to legal procedure (for international citizen). In context of Nepal, fiber internet has been stretched to major cities. Many user still relay on ADSL and co-axial cable connections. In present context, cellular data from Ncell & Nepal Telecome share 40% of the total internet data transmission in Nepal. Rest 60% internet collection is shared by Worldlink Fibre, NTC Fibre, Classic Tech, Vianet, Subishu & other local ISPs of Nepal. 

Overview to Wirefree Plus: Light weight 355 gm device Wirefree Plus consists processor of Gigahome dual-band wifi chips. The device consists of a sim slot where 4G sim is inserted. Device is powered with 12 W adapter converting AC 220 V to 12 Volt / 1 Ampere. Max internet speed offered via the device is 50Mbps. 

Specification of Wirefree Plus:

Specification of Wirefree Plus Router:
Weight & Dimension
355 gm - 219 mm x 138 mm x 25.6 mm
WiFi802.11ac/a/n 2 x 2 & 802.11b/g/n 2 x 2 | 2.4GHz & 5GHz
AntennaDual Band WiFi Antena
ProcessorGigahome dual-band wifi chips
LedPower, WiFi, LAN, Sigal Strength
Power Supply
12 W - 12 V / 1 A
Startup Time
15 Sec
Operates on Battery
Min Cost of Setup 
Nrs 4550 (inc Tax)


Advantages of Wirefree Plus: 

  • Portable: Setup wifi connections anywhere and anytime. Just plugin the device to power. 
  • Saves power: Using WiFi saves battery than used in cellular data.
  • Cheaper Data: Overall cost of internet is less than 100 Mb per rupee. 
  • Flexibility: Can be used either in WiFi mode or via Ethernet - LAN. 
  • Security: It uses IPv4 internet protocol thus connection is secured.

Limitations of Wirefree Plus:

  • Power: Requires AC power connections
  • Signal: Slow speed at low cellular signal.
  • Limited Data: User has to relay on limited data plan. 
  • Additional digital services like Prabhu TV, Hungama Music are available in Bundle sim only.
  • Expensive: As compared to unlimited data offered by fiber internet, the WiFi plan is expensive. 
  • Security: IPv6 internet protocol required for high security.

Pre - booking has been already opended and being launched from West Nepal. Click here to book Wififree Plus.

Conclusion: Wirefree Plus is an alternative to fiber internet. It is suitable for the remote area with strong cellular radio signals. As Fibre internet has already been stretched to most of the cities, Wirefree Plus should target to remote and geographically disadvantages villages. For the successful business of Wirefree Plus, it is must to extend 4G network throughout the country.