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Why Tiktok is Banned in USA & India

 Chinese Apps TikTok Banned in USA?


Popular Video sharing apps TikTok is on verge of banned in USA. TikTok has been a target on President Donald Trump's policy of 'Boycott China & Chinese Product'. According to some technical specialist, Tiktok has been marked as cyber thread against American user as it collect & stores some personal data like phone number and current location based on sim carrier. TikTok has already clarified their no intension of spy on user and deny allegations of US regarding storing datas.

10 Million Indian users were disappointed when TikTok was banned in India on June 3 2020. Home Minister declared this step was taken for the sake of country's defense & public order. As stated in statement, "as these apps are prejudicial to  sovereignty & integrity of India" other 59 Chinese Apps including WeChat was banned in India. Boycott China campaign rise to peak when Indian people started destroying Chinese electrical appliances. Unconscious citizens are unaware about the fact Government deploying these ban as sign against China on Clash between Chinese & Indian troops in Galwan Valley of Himanchal State. Those days contents in TikTok were sexual & hateful. Many parents and civil society raised voiced to ban TikTok as control measures. It is the hidden facts behind the curtain for ban of TikTok in India.

Many developer are surprised by Trump's action against the innocent apps TikTok. Trump offered a deal to Byte Dance to sell TikTok to any American Developer within 60 days. This indicates his concern for collecting global data rather than security. TikTok is preparing to file case against Trump's action of Banning Tiktok and presenting with proof TikTok is no danger for homeland security.

The United States has accused TickTok, the most popular video-sharing app among young people and teenagers, of providing user data to the Chinese government. The United States, which has classified Chinese apps as untrustworthy, has decided to ban not TikTok also WeChat.