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Why Internet Speed in Nepal is Slower Nowadays

Why Internet Speed in Nepal is Slower Nowadays!


Have you noticed, internet speed nowadays is slower than it used to be. "We are receiving hundreds of call daily complaining about the slower internet",said a staff of Worldlink Communication. Several trolls of  Classic Tech, Vianet, Worldlink, have been seen in social media Facebook regarding internet speed. After registry of complain to Nepal Telecommunication Authority, they have come with actual cause of slow internet that socked everyone. 

Could you believe a simple apps TikTok could reduce the internet speed by 14%? According to Nepal Telecommunication Authority (NTA), video-sharing apps TikTok occupy 25% of bandwidth in Nepal. Total downloads of Tiktok crossed 1.5 billion this month. According to statistics, there are 1 millions active TikTok user in Nepal. For best view, single TikTok account acquires 1.5 Mbps of bandwidth and TikTok apps is inbuilt to work in background. 

TikTok uses AKAMAI CDEN to serve local traffic. AKAMAI's servers capacity is necked during this pandemic. ISP's of Nepal are not in capacity to enhance the speed. According to NTA, TikTok consumes 175 Gbps internet bandwidth at peak hour, which is 25% of the bandwidth. Whereas Facebook, Youtube and Instagram shares 30%, 28% and 10% of internet bandwidth respectively.

Thus, ISPs of Nepal collaborating with NTA has come with solution to limit bandwidth of TikTok by 25%. Worldlink is the highest affected ISP & NTC Fibre is least affected due to TikTok in Nepal.