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The Rental (2020): Full Movie Review & Subtitle

The Rental (2020): Hollywood Movie Review

The Rental is a horror movie which occurs in an house rent by two couple for vacation. Charlie, his wife Michelle, Josh; Charlies brother and his girlfriend Mina decides to rent ocean-view house for a weekend. Mina applies for the rent but is rejected but is approved when Charlie submits. Coming to the house they meet house owner Taylor. The group settles in quickly but they are unaware that someone is observing over them. 

Here is twist. After Josh and Michelle go to sleep, Charlie and Mina have sex in the shower. Josh unaware about this incident make Michelle paranoid over Charlies faithfulness toward Michelle how he cheated former girlfriend. Mina discovers a hidden camera in shower where she had sex with Charlie. She alert Charlie about the camera and tends to call police. Charlie stops her assuming police investigation may lead to release of sex footage which may ruin heir relationship.

Film Name:
The Rental (2020)
88 min
Released on:
June 24 (USA & 26 Countries)
Distribution By:
IFC Films
Directed By:
Dave Franco

Michelle calls Taylor to fix the hot tube. Mina privately question Taylor about the hidden camera and he insist to be aware of the camera and moves to call the police himself. Mina tries to stop him while Josh assumes Taylor is attacking his girlfriend beat Taylor to unconsciousness. During group discussion Mina reveals about the hidden camera. They leave injured Taylor inside bathroom and continues discussion meanwhile a mask-man enter the house and stops Taylor's breath. The group realize Josh has accidentally killed Taylor discuss to hide evidence of death and appear as Taylor had died of falling from cliff. 

Three of them carries Taylor's body and trow from cliff but got struck on the outcrop. Meanwhile mask man publishes the bathroom's footage in Television.

How will Michelle react to the footage? Could they escape from this incident? Please do watch movie to find out rest of the story.


  • Dan Stevens as Charlie, Michelle's husband and Josh's brother
  • Alison Brie as Michelle, Charlie's wife
  • Sheila Vand as Mina, Josh's girlfriend and Charlie's business partner
  • Jeremy Allen White as Josh, Mina's boyfriend and Charlie's brother
  • Toby Huss as Taylor
  • Anthony Molinari as the man 
At the end maskman enters the house, removes all the evidences and setup new cameras. The House is open for new rent before the curtain closes.