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Project Power (2020): Full Movie Review

 Project Power: Hollywood Movie Review

Project Power is movie of a pills that grants superpower to the consumer for five minutes. A distributor from New Orleans offers the pill to a group drug dealer lead by Newt. Six weeks later, Newt's cousin, a drug dealer is nearly robbed. Frank is suspended in suspect of using the power pill to prevent robbery. Art involves in operation to rescue kidnapped Robin. Art is shot and is treated later. He reveals to Teleios; private defense contractor that the pills consumers are being monitored by New Orleans. Art is experimented for developing super power and his daughter Tracy is born after experiment exhibits superpower even without consuming drug.  


Film Name:
Project Power (2020)
Thriller, Superpower, Action
1 hour 53 mins
Released on:
Aug 14 2020 (Netflix)
Distribution By:
Directed By:
Henry Joost


Biggie host a demonstration of Project Power for buyer. Biggie mislead and misuses the pill to generate superpower. Art hunts down Biggie through an explosion.

The Movie ends with Franks intention to reveal Project Power to the press. Before screen turns black. Art moves free leaving bags of money to Robin so she could cover for her mothers treatment. 


  • Jamie Foxx as Art
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Frank Shaver
  • Dominique Fishback as Robin
  • Colson Baker as Newt
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Biggie
  • Amy Landecker as Gardner
  • Allen Maldonado as Landry
  • Kyanna Simone Simpson as Tracy
  • Andrene Ward-Hammond as Irene
  • Courtney B. Vance as Captain Crane
Project Power is movie which reflect not only power also responsibilities. Performance of cast, action sequel are appreciable whereas screenplay could have been made more better.