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Greenland (2020) Movie: Full Movie Review & Subtitle

Greenland: Hollywood Movie 2020 Review


Greenland is disaster film in which heavenly body from space threatens to destroy earth within 48 hours. Movie begins with story of John Garrey; Scottish builder who lives in the Southern part of the United States with his wife Allison and his son Nathan. During barbecue party hosted by John in his backyard, his son sees a large comet flying near to earth. Johns phone receives a message from government followed by phone call that they were selected to be evacuate. The Father & Son sees US Military - Galaxy Transport plane flying North. John & Nathan watch the large comet Clark in TV; expected to hit on south Florida, the Clark fragments into pieces. The message John received on his phone now displays in TV. John urge his wife to pack bag and leave for Military base camp. They move to the military base camp and John realizing he left Nathan's insulin in the car, returns back. During examination an officer found insuline pump in Nathans pocket thus Alison is told that her son is rejected for evacuation for having diabetics.  

John is separated until he meet Nathan and Allison at Allison's father's house. He is known that the evacuation program is launched for to Thule airbase in Greenland. A large bunker in Greenland is used for housing the evacuated people. He request his father in law to leave for Greenland but he refuses and stay behind. The family flies to Greenland and survives a small hit of Clark's fragment. Finally they along with other refugee make way to bunker. Clark hits earth and 9 months later bunker opens reviling earth is now a wasteland. Sadness turns into cheers when flying birds appears acknowledging there is still hope of survival. Curtains closes with scene of destroyed cities.


  •     Gerard Butler as John Garrity
  •     Morena Baccarin as Allison Garrity
  •     David Denman as Ralph Vento
  •     Hope Davis as Judy Vento
  •     Holt McCallany as Tom
  •     Scott Glenn as Dale
  •     Andrew Bachelor as Colin
  •     Roger Dale Floyd as Nathan Garrity
  •     Merrin Dungey as Major Breen
  •     Gary Weeks as Thomas
  •     Randal Gonzalez as Bobby
  •     Claire Bronson as Debra 
Film: Greenland (2020)
Category: Disastorious, Thriller
Duration 1 hr 59 min
Rating: 6.7/10
Director: Ric Roman Waugh
Released on: 25th Sep 2020 (USA)
Distributor: STX Entertainment

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