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China Setting Up Long range Missile Near Lipulek: Tri-Nation Boarder

 How China is Prepared for War with India!


China and India, which have been at loggerheads over the border dispute between the two countries, have claimed Nepal their land and made it on their political map as result further controversy has arise.The media has claimed that China has started construction of necessary infrastructure in Lipulek in preparation for developing it as a missile deployment zone. A recent satellite image also confirmed the claim. Lipulek is the area where the dispute between India and Nepal has also escalated. A satellite image released by Open Source Intelligence Analyst 'DetResFa' shows that China has not only deployed troops in the Tri-Junction area near Lipulek, but is also preparing for the deployment of missiles.

According to DetResFa, the activities of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) have been detected through a 100-kilometer joint scan in the area. A site for ground-to-air missiles is being constructed near Mansarovar Lake. According to media reports, China is also deploying troops here. Preparations for the structure and housing have been underway here since May 2020. The Lipulek area is the confluence of the Nepal-India-China border.
Experts say China has deployed troops in Lipulek. China has deployed a battalion of more than 1,000 troops near Lipulek. India plans to build a new route for Mansarovar via Lipulek. When Nepal objected to the 80 km long road built by India, Nepal claimed sovereignty over the land. Shortly afterwards, Nepal passed a new map of the region from parliament.