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Facebook to Google Drive Transfer

Popular social network Facebook brought a new feature that is available worldwide Which can send photos and videos from your Facebook account directly to your Google Photos.

Launched in Ireland in December 2019 in the first phase, the service has been made available by Facebook to users in all countries since June 08, 2020. Along with this feature, Facebook users will be able to see the 'Transfer a copy of your photo and video' option on their Facebook. Through which users can use Google as a backup of their Facebook photos

First step:

First you need to login to Facebook on your computer or mobile After logging in, click on the upside down triangle icon at the top right Then go to Facebook settings and click on 'Your Facebook Information'

Step 2:

After completing the first step or clicking on "Transfer a copy of your photos or videos" you will need to enter your Facebook password. |

Step 3: 
After completing the second step, click on the “Choose Destination” option There are currently only Google Photos According to Facebook, in the future there will be participation of other tools like Apple, Microsoft, Twitter etc
Step 4:
After completing the third step or clicking the Next button, it sends you directly to a Google Account. If you already have a Gmail account logged in to your mobile or computer, ask permission for the same account.

After giving permission, the last step is to click on “Confirm Transfer” Then your transfer process starts and the transfer time is fixed according to the size of the photos and it takes time accordingly.

After the transfer, go to Google Photos to see the copied folder and you will see a new folder where "Copy Off (your Facebook album name)" is written and after clicking on that folder you can see all your photos and videos on Facebook.