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Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi Box Office Collection

Dayang Rai & Upasana Singh starring movie Kabaddi Kabaddi Kabaddi has break record of Nepali Box Office Collection on its opening/release day. Breaking the record of Chhakka Panja 3, the movie made grand opening with earning 1.78 crore in its earliest day.
Releasing from 500+ halls & 20+ multiplex, movie has received wise review from viewer. The movie is the sequel of the previous movies Kabaddi & Kabaddi-Kabaddi. Here are Seven Days Box office Collections of the Movie:
  • Day 1 -  NPR. 1.78 Crores
  • Day 2 -  NPR. 3.25 Crores
  • Day 3 -  NPR. 4.32 Crores
  • Day 4 - NPR. 5.20 Crores
  • Day 5 - NPR 5.80 Crores
  • Day 6 - NPR. 6.4 Crores
  • Day 7 - NPR. 6.8 Crores (Predicted)
Directed by Ram Babu Gurung & produced by  Mani Ram Pokharel, Om Chand Runiyar, Arjun Karki and Co-Produced by Ruden Sada Lepcha, the movie has break all of the previous records of the box office. The Movie stares Risma Gurung, Karma, Wilson Bikram Rai, Buddhi Tamang. Story includes unsuccessful love story of Kaji. Film ends with mysteriously as Maiya returns to give flower (sign of love) to Kaji. The sequel has one more event Kabaddi -4. Director Gurung thanked viewer for giving good review and ask viewer to watch the last sequel Kabaddi-4 next year.